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Dimitris Martakis' Leter towards the Hellenic Judo Federation

This paricular letter was sent from Dimitris Martakis to The Helenic Judo Federation On June 14th 2012. The letter was delivered with protocol number 1485/2012. Dimitris Martakis still waits for a reply.The letter is available for anyone interested.


Athens, 6/6/2012


To the council, the committee of advanced knowledge and ranking of The Hellenic Judo Federation and everyone interested


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Dear gentlemen, I am really happy to see some my old colleagues, with whom we used to fight on the Dojos that they are members of the council of the Greek Judo Federation and of the committees as well. I want to believe that there is concord among you.




I also saw that you honored one of the pioneers of Judo in Greece, a person who was my Sensei and instructor in my early career on judo in 1968 at Panellinios Sports Club. I refer to sensei Christos Papailiopoulos. I was trying to contact him and I could not make it. We missed him during the times I invited Masao Sensei from Japan, and I was inviting all the old athletes who had a contact with him like Tolis Georgopoulos, Thanasis Koudras, Vangelis Magoulas who is rested in peace, Grigoris Vakatasis, Tryphon Peppa, Parris Koutsoukis, Thanasis Georgantas, Thanasis Kaparos, Markos Dalezios, Pantelis Kritikos, Nikos Klouvatos, Markos Zgantzos, Michalis Kotragian and many others whom I cannot recall and I apologize for that. The gatherings were around forty (40) people.


I remember I was picking Masao Sensei up and we had training at the several dojos and of course at Panellinios Sports Club where I was the main instructor. We had a good time but we really missed Papailiopoulos. Tolis Georgopoulos informed me that Papailiopoulos was in Thesaloniki but he did not have contact with him, he had lost him. The point is that Papailiopoulos was found and I want you to give him my warmest regards. I am really happy that he got the place he deserves in the committee. I will try to regain contact with him.


I would like now to talk about my issue. You pretty much know of the unfair banishment that I underwent from the Olympic games of Athens 2004, where I was responsible to write down the techniques on the Japanese terminology of judo, something I am really familiar with.                                                                                  


I have fulfilled the same task on the European Championship in Athens. As you know I hold the rank of Yondan from Kodokan and the rank of Godan from the Greek federation since 1995. In this period I was also holding the rank of Godan in Shotokan Karate from the Japanese Federation, and now I hold the rank of Rokudan.


Straight after that, my banishment from the federation followed up. You know that I was the technical director of the advanced teaching and hierarchy committee. I founded this committee in 1995, ten years after the founding of the federation.


I was placed in this position because of my personality, since I had no sport club to guide, I had the tough task to reduce the black belt awards, something which was done without control and meritocracy.


My work is written down and I have been awarded for that. The members of the committee, who I chose still form the same committee (Spiros Rigos, Takis Vakatasis, Theofilos Gitsas, Nikos Hekimoglou).With the one referred last, on 1980 we demonstrated Nage No Kata for the very first time in Greece on 1980 at Panellinios Sports Club, and with Takis Vakatasis we Demonstrated on Loutraki at Feubrary 1st of 2003 (National Youth Championship).


Without been called or yet even informed (The only thing they did is to hide themselves) they had me, the representative of Greece towards Japan, and Masao Iijima Sensei, who was the representative of Japan towards Greece, to be searched by the Japanese team at the grandstands. It is a shame of us for acting so. And they didn’t even respect the fact that it was the worst period of my life since I was dealing with CANCER and a broken collar bone from a training injury. Masao Iijima Sensei who was my guest was treating me..


That’s who we are gentlemen, and for what kind of Jigoro Kano’s ideas are we talking about? The federation who is destroying it’s own members, we are all going to be judged by history. Everything is written down. I have a fighting spirit, internally and externally as well. These villainous convinced Masoa Iijima that they had nothing to do with Martakis, they just didn’t want me.


Though I tried numerous times to contact via phone with the chairman Mr. Soufleri, the general secretary Mr. Vasilako, though I notified a document to the federation, to the general secretary of sports, to the prefecture, to the organization Athens 2004 and to the media( I’ve attached an article from a newspaper) a never had a reply (2004-2012). But I have already understood the true reasons.




I had took the decision to use my legal rights and refer to the law, but even though I won my position back, with what kind of persons would I have deal with? So I took my decision to stay away from this kind of affairs, and keep practicing the sports that I love (like judo, karate and Yawara, the advanced combat which I found and is a combination of judo and karate but oriented for self defence) I honor and teach them on daily basis.


As for the member of the committee, I do understand their position in that period, but I do believe that they should have supported me. However I do understand them and I have no problem with them at all.


I would like to criticize that the federation, when Mr. Tsogas was the Chairman, when I was banished as a member from the higher council ( I gave my help as a referee to Kaparos at the Panellinios Sports Club, something which was illegal from the regulation) they did send me a document that I am welcome to every committee I wanted to join( this document is also attached). At least they respected me.


We may had a conflict in the elections, but I do respect them. It was a conflict of honor where they lost. I always honor my opponents when they respect me. Regardless the conflict is inside or outside the mat.


I would like to believe that justice will be. I would also like to believe that things are getting better and better.


As far for myself, I don’t believe that I have to say a lot. We all know that I am one of the senior active athletes since 1968. And I am the only one who has numerous of achievements in two martial arts like judo and karate, where I have settled the foundation for both the federations in the very early and rough years.


I was the head coach of the Bulgarian National team in Karate and I never asked for a leva. But Bulgaria awarded me for my work with the “Key of town” Bourgas from the major himself. Later I received a handmade katana, on which “with Love and gratitude to Dimitris Martakis for his effort to the Boulgaria Shotokan Karate Federation” were carved. All these happened in the past. In 2011 I was awarded with the rank of rokudan, and I am the first foreigner to receive such an honor (I was awarded by the Bulgarian National Karate Federation) by the vice Chairman.


I also had my judo students tested in Sofia (the Greek federation has banished me as I mentioned before) with a total success. The testing was with the traditional Japanese way, which I represent. The committee of the examiners was formed by the chairman of the Bulgarian Judo Federation and the head coach of the National Bulgarian judo team. With all these I paved the way for judo with a country I have a communication and an affair for 32 years, and they respect and honor the moral values. But what happens with my country? Unfortunately there is no justice. I want to believe that now, that the federation has changed, justice will be done. And I will get what I deserve, nothing more, nothing less.


I would also like to add something more. I do represent the moral values outside my country for years, in Japan and Bulgaria as well. And I will always do so. I would like to emphasize that people who reach the spiritual supremacy have no intention in becoming leaders.


I never betrayed, I never trenched my colleagues for their role in their position in the federation, I never lied and I always stare anyone in the eyes. For these reasons, I got the worst of rewards. Everything that has to do with my sports activity, you can visit the web site ,or just call me.


I would be very pleased to receive a reply of yours. My address is Neroutsou 12, p.o box 10445, Athens.


I give you all the warmest regards.



Athens, 6/6/2012




 Dimitris Martakis            


Περισσότερα σε αυτή την κατηγορία: With all the best wishes and respect to Papailiopoulos Sensei »

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